Anthony Powell

Host / Actor

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Acting (Partial List)
Theatrical (Television and Film)
“General Hospital”-Waiter
“Matlock”-Baseball Player
“The Dating Game”-Bachelor
“The Martini Project”-Bartender
“Possums”-News Reporter
“John Vance Auto Group”-Judge
“Western Airlines with Kareem Abdul Jabbar”-Passenger
“Monroeville Jeep”-Customer
“Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts”-Talk Show Host
“Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance”-Mailperson
“Capital Federal Bank”-Loan Officer 
“Gander Mountain”-Customer
“Mooyah Burgers”-News Reporter/Self 
“Koch Industries Training Video”-Mean Boss
“Postal Service Training Video”-Mailperson
Hosting/Spokesperson (Partial List)
“The Anthony Powell Show”-Host
“Cable Sports”-Co-Host
“Financial Services”-Spokesperson
“Oklahoma Dept. Social Services”-Spokesperson”                            
“McGavok Nissan”-Spokesperson for Red Thumb Challenge
“Great Plains Television Network Advertising Promo”-Spokesperson
“PBS Television Pledge Drive”-Host
“Devaughn/James Attorneys Ask an Expert”-Host
Television News
Anchor, Reporter, Host: 
WSAV-TV, Savannah Georgia
KOAT-TV Santa Fe & Albuquerque, New Mexico
KFOR-TV Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 
KSHB-TV Kansas City, Missouri
KSN-TV Wichita, Kansas
Acting/On-Camera Training
Jeff Corey Scene Study
David Lehman Scene Study
Arthur Joseph On-Camera Training
Bobbi Ball Commercial Training
Michelle DeLong Audition Training
Television News Training: Worked with various consultants from Frank Magid and Associates
Voice-Overs (Partial List)
“TredAgain Shoe Company”-Spokesperson
“Pizza Hut”-Spokesperson
“Via Christi Retirement Villages”-Spokesperson
“Wiley Ray and The Big O Band”-Spokesperson
“The Cleaning Authority Awards Ceremony”-Spokesperson”
“Visit Wichita Dot Com”-Spokesperson
“Southwestern College”-Spokesperson
“Adams Car Lots”-Spokesperson”
“MOOYAH Burgers”-Spokesperson
“Springer E-Books”-Spokesperson
Voice-Over Training 
Such A Voice 
Great Voice

Anthony Powell

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